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Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd was founded in 1988. After three decades of reform and opening up, Cixing has always been aiming at promoting industrial development and reforming, as well as creating values for customers. All the way forward, it has developed into a company with a certain scale of intelligent knitting machinery industry.

Cixing is committed to improving the technical level of knitting machinery, promoting the development of knitting technology processing and realizing the intelligent upgrade of the knitting industry. It is an enterprise with independent research and development and continuous technological innovation in the intelligent knitting machinery industry. It’s the drafting unit of two national knitting machine industry standards, mastering the core technology of intelligent knitting machinery.

Cixing Co., Ltd was successfully listed in 2012 (stock code: 300307), which is the listed company in computerized flat knitting machine industry. Its subsidiaries include Hangzhou Duoyile Network Technology Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Youtou Technology Co., Ltd, Ningbo Yuren Intelligent Textile Machinery. Co., Ltd, Ningbo Cixing Robot Technology Co.,Ltd, Ningbo Yuren Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd, Cixing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd, Dongguan Zhongtian Automation Technology Co., Ltd, Beijing Bloom Interactive Technology Co., Ltd, Suzhou Dingna Automation Technology Co., Ltd, Cixing Internet Technology Co., Ltd, Steiger Participations SA and other more than ten subsidiaries, innovative products including full computerized flat knitting machine, computerized shoe machine, automated shoe-making production line, automatic ironing machine, industrial robots, etc.

Relied on independent innovation and caring service, and guided by the constantly evolving and changing market demand, Cixing fully acquired Steiger in Swiss, and formed the “independent research and development, supplemented by cooperative R&D” innovative model. The technology integration is an effective complement to the innovation mechanism, based on strong research and development capabilities and continuous technological innovation. Till now the company has 116 invention patents, 288 utility model patents, 13 design patents and 56 software copyrights, and is the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the “Made in 2025” demonstration enterprise, and the National Torch Plan Implementation Unit.

With continuous technological innovation, excellent product quality, good brand image and perfect after-sales service system, Cixing has maintained steady growth for many years and provided customers with cost-effective products and satisfactory and thoughtful services. Cixing has also implemented strategic layouts in the fields of flexible industrial chain system under “the Industry 4.0” and personalized customization. The market share of products has been continuously improved, thus achieving a win-win growth with customers.