Cixing was founded in 1988. After 30 years of market baptism, it has accumulated excellent corporate culture. “Charity, people-oriented, and good fortune” is the core culture. Cixing advocates unique concept of "family culture", which regards the enterprise as a big family and all employees as family members, hopes all family members to pay attention to the development of their careers, takes honesty as the foundation and innovation as the core. Based on the harmonious working and living environment, all of the family members makes concerted efforts, strives for the same value goal and improves the sense of belonging and happiness of the company. A strong team cohesion, solidarity and centripetal force have been formed in the company, and Cixing family culture with influence and appeal has been established.


Management Principle
Love and care, people-oriented, good fortune
(To treat others with filial piety, sincerity, kindness, goodness, benevolence, love family, love work, love motherland and assume social responsibility)


Company mission

Enterprises will continue to operate, build a happy family, and become a model of the knitting industry.
(Honesty is the norm of being a human being, credit is the soul of society, innovation is the foundation of the enterprise, integration of morality and wisdom, innovation is an endless joy, Cixing is glorious because of success, and employees are wonderful because of creativity.


Company Vision

   Weaving a bright future!
(Being excellent and innovative; working hard to reach the highest level of quality in the industry; creating value for customers/happiness for employees/wealth for shareholders and assuming responsibility for society


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