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Oration from the Chairman

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In the high-tech intensive knitting machinery industry, the young Cixing has just taken a small step forward, and the company is still in the early stages of development. During this period, we upgraded our corporate strength, formed the company style, built the enterprise culture, and gained recognition from the government, society, and industry, but there still has a long way ahead.

In such an era of radical change, Cixing will still be firm with its own pace, and still need pragmatic efforts to practice, with quality as the guarantee and integrity as the link. Adhere to the corporate culture concept of “Charity, people-oriented, good fortunes”, build a positive, good and up-to-date corporate team, provide more valuable help and services for the development of the industry, and realize the social value of the enterprise.

Regarding yesterday as the past, taking today as the starting point, the future of Cixing still has a long way to go. But we believe that if the direction is right, the road will not be far. Yesterday, we are through thick and thin, tomorrow, we will co-share the harvest.

Chairman- Sun Pingfan