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Technology Cooperation

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With its advantages in technology, product performance and price, “Cixing” computerized flat knitting machine keeps steady development in overseas markets. The comprehensive promotion and sales of Cixing Computerized Flat Knitting Machine in overseas markets indicate that industrial manufacturing equipment oriented by brands already have a bargaining chip with international brands when entering into the international market.

Cixing has set up a technology research and development headquarters in Europe, and is committed to the development of flat knitting machine technology to be more mature and precise. At the same time, the research and development of knitwear technology will also be based on the European trend center, in order to provide better solutions with excellent performance and higher quality knitwear products for customers.

Cooperative research and development institution

Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Xi'an Polytechnic University

Ningbo University Of Technology

Zhejiang Textile and Fashion College

Cooperative research and development project

Jointly established Cixing Knitting Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center

Computer knitting flat knitting technology related book writing project

Computerized Seamless Underwear Circular Knitting Machine Research and Development Project

R&D of equipment for talent development planning