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Cixing shows at Wenzhou International Shoes Exhibition: Opening a new era of "intelligence"

Recently, the 20th China (Wenzhou) International Footwear Exhibition opened at the Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Zhejiang Province, with nearly 700 exhibitors from home and abroad. The exhibition scale reached 42,000 square meters, of which the size of the shoe machine exhibition area increased by nearly 20% compared with the previous year. It is the largest scale in the past years. In this exhibition, the high-tech intelligent manufacturing equipment is the main role, with Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd and other excellent intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises and their products became the biggest highlight of this exhibition.

As the first listed company in the domestic computerized flat knitting machine industry, Cixing Co., Ltd exhibited the intelligent integrated shoe machine in this exhibition. The product technology is independently developed by Cixing, which can realize the intelligent three-dimensional knitting of the upper. Integrated knitting, which changes the traditional shoe uppers, such as cutting, sewing and other production and processing practices, achieves material savings and improved knitting efficiency, and greatly promotes the development of knitted upper technology, currently, including Nike, Adidas and other internationally renowned sports shoes have adopted this technology for the production of uppers. At the same time, 361, Anta and Li Ning have also launched integrated knit uppers.

Since the launch of Cixing's intelligent shoe machine, it has been welcomed by customers in the market. It has been sold to Zhejiang, Fujian Quanzhou, Jinjiang and other domestic shoe-developing areas. At the same time, there are also big markets in Guangdong and Hebei. Lu Dechun, head of sales of Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd said that due to the technical improvement of the product, the "machine substitution" and intelligent manufacturing of the shoe factory have been realized. The market sales have been very optimistic. In the future, Cixing will also continuously upgrades technical and bring more substantial help to downstream customers.