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KNIT TO SHAPE-New Appearance at ITMA Asia Exhibition

KNIT TO SHAPE-New Appearance at ITMA Asia Exhibition

Abstract: Cixing - Shanghai National Exhibition Center H4-A29

On 15th of October, the biennial China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition kicked off at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai).

The event attracted 1,733 textile machinery companies from 28 countries and regions including China, Germany, Italy, Japan and Switzerland, including more than 1,200 exhibitors from mainland China and over 500 exhibitors from overseas. The exhibition area exceeded 180,000 square meters and broke the historical high of the joint exhibition.

SHIMA SEIKI, STOLL, KARL MAYER, GROZ-BECKERT, Cixing, Takura, Rieter, China Textile Machinery Group, Rifa Textile Machinery, Santoni, Staubli, Picanol, Yuanxin Industry, Titan Share Co Ltd, Licheng Technology and other well-known brand companies at home and abroad were all present. During the five-day exhibition period, many new textile machinery technologies, new equipment and new ideas will release new energy here.

As the world's leading intelligent knitting equipment solution provider, Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd has an insight into the current market situation of the domestic textile and footwear industry. Owning to researching and developing of intelligent knitting technology, Cixing has presented a series of pinnacle of work in this exhibition!

Exhibits: One Thread, Full molding – Steiger “KNIT TO SHAPE” computerized flat knitting machine

This year is the 30th anniversary of Cixing. On 14th of Oct, at the 30th Anniversary of Cixing and the new product launch conference, more than 1,500 overseas customers, partners, guests from all walks of life, industry media and nearly 2,000 employees of Cixing gathered together to witness the KNIT TO SHAPE “One Thread, Full Molding” computerized flat knitting machine launched officially.

On 14th of Oct celebration day, the 200,000th computerized flat knitting machine of Cixing was officially off line, and the series of KS3 whole garment machines were released. On the spot, there presented Cixing self-R&D Steiger KNIT TO SHAPE computerized flat knitting machine. Sun Pingfan, Chairman of the company and Wang Chuanlong, the manufacturing director of Cixing, jointly unveiled the KNIT TO SHAPE” One Thread, Full Molding” computerized flat knitting machine.

Yesterday, Cixing presented this landmark intelligent knitting equipment to the industry at the show – Steiger KNIT TO SHAPE computerized flat knitting machine.

“One Thread, Full Molding”; “Divine garments without any flawless”

“One Thread, Full Molding” technology of KNIT TO SHAPE computerized flat knitting machine can complete the weaving of the whole garment at the same time, and directly present it to the customer in three-dimensional way, eliminating the expensive and time-consuming process of suturing procedure, which can realize the true 3D organization. The resulting "weaving" makes the production more flexible, and efficient. Besides, the loops are more perfect.

From a piece of thread to a ready garment requires careful and countless procedures. Behind of the “one stitch and one thread” sewing, every detail should not be negligent. Today, new technologies can make the whole process easier and funny. Using KNIT TO SHAPE computerized flat knitting machine, it took less than one hour to realize the fully automatic manufacturing-one piece of thread putting into, and the whole garment coming out.

At present, whole garment technology has become the development trend and important development direction of intelligent equipment in the knitting industry. Cixing’s insight into the current market situation of the domestic textile and footwear industry and R&D of intelligent knitting technology bring the audience into a new world of weaving. KNIT TO SHAPE intelligent flat knitting machine, sweater automatic stitching system realize the machine substitution of the knitting industry, which is supplemented by the information system to transform the traditional production mode, realize the division of labor in the whole industry chain, and create an international knitted sweater, as well as take the C2M and C2B2C win-win ecosystems in the market of shoes and apparels.

Exhibits: Ultra-high weaving efficiency and performance - second generation of STG high efficiency computerized flat knitting machine.

Cixing's subordinate company-Swiss Steiger, second-generation of STG high-efficiency computerized flat knitting machine is also a stunning product of this exhibition.

More than 69 years of computerized flat knitting machine technology has been precipitated. With its advanced concept and superb technology, it is perfectly integrated with the operating habits of Chinese computerized flat knitting machines. The second-generation of STG high-efficiency computerized flat knitting machine realized two-way needle-narrowing, the efficiency of needle-turnover increased by more than 90%; the maximum machine speed reached 1.7m/s; enforced knocking over function ensured that the fabric has no superfluous inlaid needle; multi-needle gauge set 7G/9G /12G/14G. Weaving efficiency and performance are far ahead in the industry.

Exhibits: Create unlimited possibilities for winter flying woven uppers - SF3-52S FL

The SF3-52S FL has won wide attention from customers with its fast rotation, small carriage and unique filling function. The new structure of the loop assisted mode can fill the 9000D low and high elastic polyester yarn and other yarn fillers, instead of adding cotton, thus creating unlimited possibilities for the winter flying woven shoe upper and breaking the traditional perception that the flying woven shoes are not warm.

The innovative products that Cixing debuted in this exhibition attracted the attention of the participants, provided ideas and directions for the innovative product design of knitting shoes and apparel enterprises, and led the development and progress of the industry.

In this exhibition, Cixing's stunning and innovative products, beautiful and stylish appearance design attracted a large number of customers to come to the booth.

Today, at the scene, Cixing KNIT TO SHAPE Knitting Released Show also made the audience on a feast for their vision. Dresses, coats, and trousers all reveal a comfortable and beautiful feeling. The high collar and V-neck styles are unique and modern. Technology has changed the traditional way of production in the knitting industry and further changed people's lives.

Founded in 1988, Cixing mainly produces intelligent knitting machines such as computerized flat knitting machines and computerized seamless knitting circular machines. It is an important supplier of knitting equipment in the world. The sales of computerized flat knitting machines made by Cixing with advanced technology ranks among the best, its production of "Cixing Brand" seamless knitting underwear circular machine market share ranks in the forefront of the domestic market, which is the outstanding brands for computerized flat knitting machine as well as seamless underwear knitting circular machine in domestic market. At the same time, Cixing is also the drafting unit of two national standards for knitting machinery and three industry standards. It masters the core technology of intelligent knitting machinery, and its product technology level and quality have always maintained the forefront of the industry.

Innovating product channels and changing business models, Cixing is constantly striving to promote industry transformation and development, and guide all Cixing people to make progress and move forward! In the next few days, Cixing will continue to welcome you with its unique vision and innovative products, bringing you a new experience!