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The new intelligent Cixing era against future

  Steiger knit to shape (Dongguan) Technology Center is opened and new product launch conference was successfully held

  The millennium commercial port, pearl of the South, Dongguan, a city full of legends.

  30 years of innovation, 30 years of excellence, Cixing, a company constantly pursues development.

  Here, we open the new intelligent era of Cixing, against the future!

  New listing feast

  With the deepening of globalization and the acceleration of regional economic integration, intelligent development has become the commanding height of global economic and product competition, and has become an important symbol of the core competitiveness of enterprises and even the country. Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd is a representative enterprise of the leading technology of intelligent knitting machinery. Since 1988, Mr. Sun Pingfan, the chairman of Cixing, started his business, worked hard, innovated and developed, and constantly promoted technological progress and industrial upgrading. From breaking international monopoly to leading global intelligence, Cixing provides direction for the transformation of China's knitting industry and makes positive contributions to the revitalization of national industry.

  On the evening of November 3rd, at the Dorsett International Garden Hotel in Dongguan, Cixing held a grand “Steiger knit to shape Technology Center Opening and New Product Launch Conference” here. The conference shows the latest knit to shape technology achievements in the knitting machinery industry, shares the important moments of this highly innovative and competitive product launch, and witnessed the strong strength of the Cixing brand. This is the important process of the internationalization and development of Cixing.


  The party started on time. Mr. Sun Pingfan, the chairman of Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. personally participated in the new product release in the Dongguan area. He expressed his warmest welcome and most sincere thanks to the guests and friends.

  Chairman Sun's speech


  Chairman Sun Pingfan said: Dalang in Dongguan is a collection of “China wool sweater town”, “China Computer Knitting Machine Distribution Base”, “China Wool Yarn Distribution Base”, “China Wool Culture and Art Town”, “ The national foreign trade transformation and upgrading of professional demonstration bases”, and many other internationally renowned famous cities. For many years, Cixing has been paying attention to the development and maintenance of the Dongguan market. The implementation of the Steiger knit to shape computerized flat knitting machine is the latest intelligent computerized flat knitting machine of Cixing, which will further help the majority of knitting enterprises to realize the technology’s transforming and upgrading, while promoting the development of domestic knitting machinery technology.

  Subsequently, Mr. Lu Dechun, Vice President of Sales of Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. explained the advanced technology and unique craftsmanship of Steiger knit to shape computerized flat knitting machine.

  Mr. Lu took the stage to promote the new products of Steiger

  With more than 60 years of computerized flat knitting machine technology, Steiger has been combining its advanced concepts and superb technology with the Chinese computerized flat knitting machine operating habits. The knit to shape technology perfectly interprets the subversive concept, achieves a historic breakthrough!

  The knit to shape technology can complete the knitting of the whole garment at one time, eliminating the expensive and time-consuming process of suturing the back side, making the production more flexible, more effective, and the coil is more perfect. Using Steiger knit to shape computerized flat knitting machine to knit clothes, one yarn in, a piece of clothing comes out to achieve fully automatic production. In total, it takes less than one hour, which perfectly presents the “seamless knit to shape" high level of technology.

  Dinner scene

  Subsequently, at the opening ceremony of the knit to shape technology center of Steiger, the professional model brought the knitwear show of Steiger knit to shape computerized flat knitting machine to the guests. The design was novel, unique and very fashionable. The front-line knitwear display brought a visual feast to everyone.

  Steiger knit to shape model show