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Martin, President of Switzerland Gudel and Other Accompaniers visited the Cixing

On May 5th, Martin, the global president of Gudel, Switzerland, accompanied by Walter, the technical director, and the head of the Gudel China, visited the Cixing. Li Lijun, chairman of Ningbo Cixing Robotics Co., Ltd personally received and exchanged in-depth with Martin. Martin learned in detail the development of Cixing robots and discussed the status of the robot industry, future technology development and the possibility of future cooperation between the two parties.

Martin and his party first visited the provincial-level technical research institute of Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd, and watched and understood the latest technology and product development direction of Cixing in the research institute. Martin expressed the extreme interest to the world-class automatic sewing system of Cixing, especially the automatic docking and application of the Cixing robot and the automatic sewing knitting system, demonstrates the good docking of Cixing in the field of knitting machinery. Later, under the guidance of Li Lijun, Martin and his party also visited the exhibition hall of Cixing Co., Ltd and learned about the Steiger computerized flat knitting machine, which is also from Switzerland. It also expressed respect and appreciation for the development of Cixing in the field of computerized flat knitting machine.

Gudel is a leading company in the world of large truss robots. Its multi-functional truss robots have reached the international advanced level and have been widely used all over the world. They have won unanimous praise from customers. In terms of development and application of designing the precision transfer solutions, multi-functional truss robots fully demonstrate the outstanding innovation ability of Gudel in Switzerland for product development in the past 50 years. China has always been the key market of Gudel in Switzerland, and Gudel in the Chinese market has occupied about 30% of its total sales. At present, Gudel's annual output value exceeds RMB 2 billion, and its robot system is widely used in many industries and maintains stable development.