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Cixing Co., Ltd and the Ningbo Institute of Materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly undertake the project acceptanc

The official notice from the Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau, the "automatic computerized flat knitting machine system optimization and development research" jointly undertaken by Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd and the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences passed the acceptance. This project is a significant (key) scientific and technological project for Ningbo's industrial in 2011.


The expert acceptance meeting was held in Ningbo Innovation Port on September 18th. Hu Fangqin, senior engineer of Ningbo Materials Institute, made a summary report on behalf of the project team, detailing the project implementation work, indicators and funding input. The project has been conquered and researched in the fields of key components development of computerized flat knitting machines, key technologies of high-speed knitting and forming mechanisms, and key technologies of high-quality complex pattern knitting. The company has developed completely independent intellectual property rights, integrating mechanical manufacturing technology and computer technology. The new generation of fully automatic computerized flat knitting machine with automatic control technology and information processing technology has broken through the technical barriers of developed countries and built a core technical system with independent intellectual property rights. The comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level.



The project products received some major achievements and awards. They have been granted 25 invention patents and published 2 papers. In September 2013, it was listed as a national strategic innovation product, and it was the first in Ningbo (totally 33 in China). In 2013, the project realized sales income of 220 million RMB and profit and tax of 80 million RMB, far exceeding the project setting index. The expert group conducted a careful review of the project, fully affirmed the work results of the project team, and unanimously agreed that the project passed the acceptance.