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“Intelligence for Children” Service Robot Industry Strategy and New Product Launch Conference Held in Beijing

On the afternoon of April 9th, a service robot industry strategy and new product launch conference with the theme of “Intelligent for Children” was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Beijing. The conference was held at the press conference and the highlights continued. At the press conference, Pistachio Robotics officially launched two children's intelligent products - A U Rabbit and A U Mirror, and interacted with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Robotics Institute, Beijing Blooming, Kid King, Tianzhi Communication, Baimi Life, etc. More than 10 units signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the spot. The on-site contracted purchase orders were about 65,000 units, and the order amount exceeded 100 million RMB. A U also became the first animation IP in China with the orders over 100 million RMB of smart products.