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[ITMA2015 live] Cixing Co., Ltd: provide customers with "best budget" solution

From November 12th to 19th, the European International Textile Machinery Exhibition was held in Milan, Italy. Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd (stock code 300307) participated in the exhibition as the leader of the global intelligent knitting equipment. The two major knitting machinery brand products of Steiger and Cixing have attracted wide attention from customers from all over the world. The ITMA exhibition held every four years covers all aspects of the textile machinery industry. It is an important event for the global textile machinery manufacturers and buyers to exchange, and is also the world's largest textile machinery industry exhibition.

After years of development, Cixing has become the leading enterprise in the field of computerized flat knitting machinery in China. It is the first listed enterprise in the domestic flat knitting machine industry. The market share of main product-computerized flat knitting machine is the first, and the market share of computerized seamless underwear knitting circular machine, ranking first in local enterprises and second in overall market. Based on strong R&D strength and continuous technological innovation, the company has mastered the core technologies of computerized flat knitting machines and computerized seamless underwear knitting circular machines. Many of them have reached the international advanced level, and the product technology level. Quality has always been at the forefront in the domestic. As the first unit, Cixing drafted and compiled the national industry standard for computerized flat knitting machines and the first national standard for computerized seamless underwear knitting circular machines.

In this exhibition, Cixing continued the previous two distinctive design routes in terms of new products. On the one hand, Cixing is continuing to provide more budget-conscious solutions for textile manufacturers. On the other hand, Cixing also in the continuous strengthening of its technological leadership, and made a more daring attempt in technology.

The automatic sewing system is aimed at creating new value for customers, focusing on reducing raw material and labor costs to improve efficiency. The new generation of seamless underwear knitting circular machines and intarsia machines are expected to become an alternative to imported products, reshaping the cost advantage for Chinese textile enterprises.

The newly launched shoe knitting machine is expected to revolutionize the shoemaking process, which will lead the innovation trend of knitted uppers and realize the extension of the industry.

The Cixing HP2-52C computerized flat knitting machine adopts new control system. It can automatically arrange the pattern of 16 yarn feeders at the same time, and automatically adjust the position of the yarn feeder to automatically avoid the overlap. At the same time, the system can complete the merged knitting function of multiple yarn feeders in the same line, and can easily complete the knitting work of complex patterns such as intarsia and whole garment, which greatly improves the production efficiency.