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The single carriage with single system is a simple model equipped with comb device. These series are used digital technology to achieve the patterns of transfer, tuck, pointel, jacquard, apparent shape, hidden shape, and other regular pattern knitting functions, can knit basic single or double jersey plain fabric, irregular multi-colors jacquard, cable structure patterns and so on. It is suitable for woven sweaters, scarves, hats and clothing accessories for silk, spun silk, synthetic yarn, wool, acrylic fibers, blending, yarn and other raw materials.

This model adopts Hengqiang A8 integrated system, equipped with small carriage and fast rotation technology, which greatly shortens the weaving time. The efficiency of single-sided machine is 15% higher than that of previous single machine (depending on the width and narrowness of fabric, there will be different).

One line could not achieve functions: tuck in the same line and two-way transfer.


Product specification

Gauge 12/14G
Knitting Width 52inch
Knitting speed Maximum speed 1.4 meters per second,32 segment programmable speed
Stitch density 32 segments of electronic control,the use of subdivision technology,adjustable range:0-650,more accurate control of the length of fabric.
Knitting system Single carriage/Single system
Rib transfer Both front and back,not affecting by the carriage direction,separtely knitting
Selector 8 section of electronic needle selector
Comb device Using closed type compound needle with releasing principle,can effectively realize yarn hanging and releasing function
Roller device Main roller and the comb;the 32 section of automatic control ,subsection adjustment
Color changing device The 2*6 yarn carriers on each side of 3 guide rails
Protection Automatic stopping device if yarn broken,yarn knot,batching,stiking,completion,overload,designated starting and stopping,program error happen
Driving system Belt drive,AC servo control
Safety device The whole machine cover to reduce noise and dust,the protecting cover is equipped with stopping sensor,emergency stopping,power off device
Data input Through the U disk,computer connection for direct input of data
Language choice
Multi language version:support Chinese,English,Arabia and other language,meanwhile according to customer's needs and the required language 
Size and Weight Size:L*WW*H 2530*850*1870mm  Weight:1000kg

Detail display

Scissors and Lips
Cam board

Maximum speed is 1.4m/s, adjustable according to the width and patterns of knitwear to avoid invalid movement and achieve high efficiency. It also has short circuit protection of electromagnet, current excessive and jam protection of motor.


When woven products,scissors and clamps work with each other,so it can cut the yarn which connect with fabric but temporarily unused. This can avoid the waste yarn and product damage or because of thread is too long,possible existence of yarn winding and so hazards. Wasted time of hand-cut yarn will be save and increase efficiency,and easier to production management.


The latest cam board controlled by stepper motor transmission, performance is more stable.

Yarn Storage
Safety Device

Positive Yarn Storage could reduce resistance while the yarn is moving, is suitable for fabric with low elasticity and brittleness such as cashmere yarn, rabbit hair yarn and so on in a result to make the products more even and smooth, as well as improve the machine weaving efficiency.


When an emergency or simple maintenance work (such as threading, needle changing, cleaning etc.), do not need to turn off the main power supply, press this switch to lock the machine and stop working, which can effectively avoid accidents and emergencies Occurs, it can more effectively protect human and machine.



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