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Xie Jugen, Chairman of Zhengda Knitting, Visited the Industry 4.0 Project of Cixing

On July 13, Xie Julen, the chairman of Suzhou Industrial Park Zhengda Knitting Co., Ltd made a special trip to Cixing, to visit the Industry 4.0 project on the spot, and exchanged views with Sun Pingfan, chairman of Cixing.

Zhengda Knitting is a professional manufacturer of knitted garments. It has a high reputation in the domestic knitting field. The products enjoy a high reputation in all countries of the world. At present, Zhengda Knitting has various types of 3G-14G full computerized flat knitting machine for 1,100 sets, mainly 12G, producing 3.6 million products per year, exported to the United States, Japan, France, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, the European Union, South America and other countries and regions.

During this visit, Chairman Xie Jugen visited the production line of intelligent knitting machinery and the cloud manufacturing platform of knitted sweaters. President Xie and his party expressed their full affirmation to Cixing's technical innovation and market development concept. Sun Pingfan, Chairman of Cixing Co., Ltd, personally introduced the latest technology of Cixing to Zhengda Knitting, and introduced the technological leadership of Cixing subordinate-Swiss Steiger computerized flat knitting machine and Cixing brand computerized flat knitting machine, which laid the foundation for future cooperation between the two parties.