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Service Center

Pre-sales Service

1. Introduce the company's products to customers, and recommend the suitable model for customers according to their needs.

2.Provide customers with training about pattern programming and maintenance.

3. Arrange the service personnel to install and debug the flat knitting machine and establish the file.

Sale Service

1.Provide suitable packaging for the machine.

2. Deliver the flat knitting machine for the customer according to the agreed time and place.

After-sales, technical support services

1. Focus on solving technical difficulties for customers; provide equipment management software upgrades, pattern design, technical breakthrough, equipment maintenance and maintenance services, and technical support services for maximizing customer efficiency.

2. Provide low-cost, high-efficiency and unified localization services to customers through a professional service team, systematic resource management and multiple outlets across the country.

3.400 customer service phone, in the process of using the equipment to meet all the problems, it is available to call 400 to inquire any related question.