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Dalang International Weaving Association ended, Cixing attracts the Merchants

On November 5th, the 14th China (Dalang) International Woolen Products Fair was successfully ended at the Dalang Wool Textile Trade Center. Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd participated in the exhibition as the leading enterprise of global intelligent knitting machinery, and exhibited the latest products such as Cixing brand computerized flat knitting machine and Cixing automatic sewing system equipped with automatic robots, which became the most eye-catching exhibitors.

A total of more than 2,000 booths were set up in the exhibition, more than 50,000 visitors visited, and nearly 100 news media focused on it, reaching an intention turnover of 3.5 billion RMB.


 Cixing Zhizhi, attracting attention

With the full arrival of the intelligent era, the traditional manufacturing industry is facing new challenges. As the only listed company of domestic computerized flat knitting machine that leads the industry with technological innovation, Cixing demonstrated intelligent sewing equipped with fully automatic robots at this exhibition. The system, the application of the technology, breaks the drawbacks of the traditional stitching, and solves the problems of high strength, high labor cost and low efficiency, realizing the automatic stitching of the knitted sweater, and its core technology is leading in the industry and has won high praise from the market.

At the same time, in this exhibition, Cixing also displayed its own computerized flat knitting machine equipped with high-speed and high-efficiency technology. This product has greatly improved the sales of other brand products in the same industry in China, achieving high speed, high efficiency and stability of knitting speed. The operation laid a solid foundation for downstream knitting enterprises to further reduce production costs and increase production profits. Once the products were launched, they were well received by the market.

Respect the market and listen to customers
Taking this exhibition as an opportunity, Cixing shares related sales, technical personnel, and after-sales service personnel actively connect with the market, connect with customers, face-to-face understanding of market needs, listen to customers' needs, and actively contact customers to solve customer problems.
In the process of communicating with customers, Lu Dechun, the head of sales of Cixing shares, Zou Licheng, the engineer of the technical department, and Bai Aidong, the head of the after-sales service of Cixing Guangdong, spoke in good faith, and the customers were satisfied with the stability, reliability and good service of Cixing products. The guarantee expressed full affirmation, but also made pertinent suggestions for service details and product improvement. According to the customer's suggestion, Cixing related personnel made preliminary responses and responses, and recorded the problems that were not answered on the spot. Commitment will be improved and resolved within a week.


It is reported that this exhibition also held the 2016/17 autumn and winter China (Dalang) woolen clothing fashion trend conference, the thirteenth China (Dalang) woolen clothing design competition, "Internet + woolen" development forum and other exciting activity.