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Cixing era defines the future – Cixing held its 30th anniversary celebration and launched new product

Thirty years of life for a dream

From an ordinary entrepreneur to the chairman of a listed company,

Cixing provides direction guidance for the transformation of China's knitting industry.

Make positive contributions to the revitalization of national industry,

This is the best embodiment of the Chinese dream!

Thirty years, the ambition of development

From the early days of the entrepreneur, three or two people,

Today, there are more than 2,400 employees around the world.

From the customers who bought Cixing products first,

To now more than 12,000 core partners,

Cixing continues to grow and develop!

Thirty years of illuminating the way forward

Innovative product approach,

Change the business model,

Cixing is constantly committed to promoting industry change and development.

Guide all Cixing people to be aggressive and make progress!

New product launch site

On 14th of Oct, the 30th Anniversary of Cixing and the new product launch conference were held at the headquarters. At the historical node of 30 years, more than 1,500 overseas customers, partners, guest from all walks of life, industry media and nearly 2,000 employees of Cixing have gathered together to review the 30 years of glory and wonderful scenes of Cixing, witnessing this splendid moment.

Guest check-in

In the afternoon, the launch of the new product was launched on time. Chairman Sun Pingfan expressed his warmest welcome and most sincere thanks to the leaders, customers, partners and the guests for their busy schedule.

Chairman Sun said: Cixing held a new product launch conference with the theme of “defining the future”, which is to promote our latest technology products to more customers. This is also our grasp of market trends, focusing on market demands and continuous investment to R&D, as well as handing over transcript to our partners. We hope that our new products can create more value for our customers and make our contribution to the better development of our partners. In the future, we will continue to adhere to technological innovation, stick to the concept that quality as the king, and continue to do first-class services. Hoping the supports as of old from our partners could be continuous, in order to promote the cooperation with each other and the co-win for the industry.

Zhu Xiangmin, chief engineer of China Textile Machinery Association, made a special trip from Beijing to Cixing. On behalf of China Textile Machinery Association, he expressed warm congratulations on the victory of Cixing's 30th Anniversary Celebration and New Product Launch Conference.

He is pleased to say that the China Textile Machinery Association has always been concerned about the development of Cixing and has been particularly affirmed by Chairman Sun’s achievements over the past years, especially showed great appreciation and encouragement for promoting the transformation and upgrading of industry due to the continuous development of innovative products by Cixing. It is the entrepreneur who dares to innovate like Chairman Sun that makes development and innovation of the Chinese knitting machinery industry continuously, in a result to let the Chinese intelligent manufacturing stand in the world. Taking this opportunity, I also hope that under the leadership of Chairman Sun, the company can continue to achieve steady and sustainable development. As an association, we will continue to provide due assistance and services for the development of the company, making greater contributions to the development of Chinese textile machinery, transformation and upgrading of China's knitting industry!

Li Qian, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Ningbo Bay New Area and director of the management committee, expressed congratulations on behalf of the New District Party Working Committee and Management Committee.

Li said: at the new historical starting point, the New District Party Working Committee put forward the goal of building an "international industrial city, modern and beautiful bay area", speeding up the pace of integration and development of the city's people, the city's functions in the new district are constantly improving, and the basic environment is significantly improved. It has become an industrial new city suitable for living and working. The superior development environment of the new district will definitely help Cixing to renew its glory. It is hoped that Cixing will continue to maintain a good momentum of development and become the industry's most promising manufacturer of intelligent knitting equipment.

New product listing

From the first self R&D computerized flat knitting machine in Cixing in 2004, it broke the monopoly market pattern of foreign brands. Since then, Cixing’s sales volume and market holdings have been in the forefront of the industry, keeping all the way ahead. As on the date of press conference, the total output of Cixing's computerized flat knitting machine has reached 200,000 units. On-site demonstration of the self-developed Steiger whole garment computerized flat knitting machine, is not only the first self-developed whole garment computerized flat knitting machine made of Cixing, but also the 200,000th computerized flat knitting machine produced since the establishment of company. It has witnessed the milestones in the development of Cixing and the industry.

The 200,000th computerized flat knitting machine off the assembly ceremony

At the launch of the new product, Sun Pingfan, Chairman of Cixing and Wang Chuanlong, Director of manufacturing, jointly unveiled the whole garment computerized flat knitting machine and officially released it. Its glory listing has pioneered the “Knit to shape” technology for China's domestic knitting machinery industry. It not only greatly reduces the production process of knitted sweaters, but also improves efficiency, and saves labor, raw materials and other costs, and further helps the majority of knitting enterprises to achieve the transformation and upgrading of technology, which will promote the development of domestic knitting machinery technology and drive the overall progress of the industry.

Lu Dechun, Vice President of Cixing, introduced new products

At the same time, Ningbo Cixing Robot Co., Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Haichen Wisdom Clothing Co., Ltd, the core supplier of Hailan Home. Besides, Huajian Group and Cixing signed a contract of 1,000 computerized shoe machines and 4 shoe production lines.

At the end of the new product launch, the beautiful models wearing the fashion knitwear made by the Steiger whole garment computerized flat knitting machine brought a colorful visual feast on the present guests.

Model show

The era of Cixing, embraces the future

In the past 30 years, the road has been so long and full of challenges, Cixing bravely move forward without any hesitation, in light of ambition and innovation. In these 30 years, Chairman Sun Pingfan, with his unique personality charm and unique business ideas, led a group of dreamy and ambitious Cixing people to work hard, revealing the blue dragonfly and creating the achievements of Cixing. With glory, a strong development trend has been formed. At the 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner, through a series of precious photos and touching scenes, the overseas customers, partners, guests from all walks of life, industry media and Cixing employees as well as the company’s leaders jointly step into the Cixing's 30-year time corridor, recalling the brilliant memories of Cixing in the past 30 years, and feeling the modern charm of Cixing.

In the past 30 years, Cixing has grown from “a new start” to become a “real star” in the time wave of Chinese local production enterprises. Chairman Sun has transformed from a “normal private entrepreneur” into a “model” and received supports from all walks of life. At the dinner party, Ms Zangse, the editor-in-chief of “Zheshang Magazine” and Chairman of the Zheshang National Council, came to the scene and brought gifts. The China Textile Machinery Association and the China Wool Textile Industry Association also sent a congratulatory letter.

Gifts of "Zheshang Magazine"

Industry Association Congratulatory Letter

Talents are the most fundamental source of power for Cixing. In the course of 30 years, ordinary employees who work diligently and hard do their best to contribute to the company, laying the foundation for the sustainable development of Cixing. One by one, the emergence of the heroes with outstanding contribution & bold innovation have contributed to the progress of Cixing and add brilliance to the present splendor of Cixing. There was a grand prize giving ceremony to award the loyal employees who have been selflessly dedicated to the development of Cixing in the dinner party. The 30 years of exploit and performance belong to them, as well as belong to every Cixing people loyal to enterprise. Let us cheer for Cixing. Cheers for yourself.

The loyal employees brought the "Ci Xing Declaration" to the chairman of Sun Pingfan as well as for all the guests, and the staff representatives brought the chorus "The Song of Cixing" to everyone.

The year of 2018, destined to be an extraordinary year, for a full thirty years, achieving the history of the glory of Cixing and opening a totally new opportunity. In the year of 2018, destined to be a special year, Chairman Sun Pingfan ushered in his 50th birthday. The longevity of the year of the destiny, life is just beginning. Envisaging the way ahead, everything will be still wonderful. On the big screen, the MV "We Are Together" made by Cixing employees was broadcasted for celebrating the birthday. The Swiss Steiger gave a very meaningful birthday present to Chairman Sun. In the warm "Happy Birthday" song, the guests and the Chairman Sun cut off the cake that symbolizes happiness and well-being, congratulating together the 30th anniversary of Cixing, as well as “Happy birthday to Chairman Sun”. Wishing Cixing to take this as a new starting point and move towards to new glory.