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[Grave News]: CCTV special report on Cixing's "Knit To Shape" computerized flat knitting machine


  On November 5th, CCTV's two sets of "International Financial Reporting" programs featured a special report on the latest released “Knit-to-shape” computerized flat knitting machine of Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd.



  Steiger's “Knit-to-shape” computerized flat knitting machine is a new type of fully automatic computerized flat knitting machine developed for ten years, which is the technical engineer combination of Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd and its subsidiary-Swiss Steiger. Intelligent manufacturing, intelligent craftsmanship and intelligent knitting are the three carriers, bringing together the wisdom of the current knitting technology R&D team, realizing the “knit-to-shape” knitting, optimizing the need for expensive, time-consuming and artificial stitching and other related links, in order to achieve automatic knitting of knitted sweaters. The fully automatic knitting presents a frontier technology development trend of current computerized flat knitting machine, with great technological innovation.



  For today's entire knitting industry, Steiger's “Knit-to-shape” computerized flat knitting machine equipment can not only help the majority of knitting enterprises to realize the transformation and upgrading of technology, but also have positive and far-reaching significance for promoting the development of knitting machinery technology and driving the overall progress of the industry, which is a historic breakthrough in knitting computerized flat knitting machines.