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  Cixing bring the new productions to 17th WEARING FAIR.

  From November 3rd to 5th, the 17th China (Dalang) International Woolens Knitwear Products Fair comes at the appointed time. The theme of this year’s “Weaving Fair” is “Charming • New Weaving City”. The exhibition area is over 200,000 square meters and the number of exhibition booths is nearly 2,000. This year's "Weaving Fair" starts from "new" and combines the three elements of "brand", "culture" and "internet +" to create a never ending fair.

  It was worth mentioning that this year's "Weaving Fair" continued to build a mechanical exhibition hall with a total area of 5,000 square meters outside the west gate of the main venue trade center. And the CIXING Manufacturing Hall which hosted by the Dalang Town Wool Textile Industry Management Committee, undertook by the leading domestic textile machinery company- Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd brought a brand new product experience.

  Cixing is a company that specializing in the manufacture of intelligent knitting machinery. Since the establishment of the company, we have always been aware of the current market situation of textile and footwear industry at home and abroad, innovating and researching and developing smart knitting technology, and promoting the development direction of Chinese knitting machinery intelligent. Cixing shares the core technology of intelligent knitting machinery, and its technical level and quality have always maintained the top in the industry, as the drafting unit of two national standards for knitting machinery and three industry standards.

  The "Weaving Fair" intelligent hall is named directly by CIXING. Whether it is from the design of the exhibition hall or the display of intelligent products, it brings the “mechanical intelligence” experience of the future to the audience, and spares no effort to let the audience appreciate a new intelligent weaving world. Cixing intelligent hall focuses on the intelligent manufacturing, intelligent craftsmanship and intelligent weaving of knitted sweaters. It is a series of artificial intelligence, high-speed and high-efficiency, high-end manufacturing new products that presenting the most advanced knitting intelligent technology levels in all aspects of the current industry.

  Among the display equipments of the Cixing intelligent hall, there are mainly the latest release machines of STEIGER KNIT TO SHAPE, STEIGER SECOND GENERATION COMPUTERIZE FALT KNITTING MACHINE, CIXING NEWEST HIGH SPEED AND EFFICIENT INTELLIGENCE SHOE MACHINE, CIXING NEWEST HIGH SPEED AND EFFICIENT INTELLIGENCE COMPUTERIZE FALT KNITTING MACHINE. Among them the knit to shape subverting the weaving process of the traditional knitting flat knitting machine, realizing the one-time knitting of knitted sweaters, presenting the frontier development trend representing the current computerized flat knitting machine technology, with great technological innovation. For the whole knitting machinery industry today, it can not only further help the majority of knitting enterprises to realize the transformation and upgrading of technology, but also has positive and far-reaching significance for promoting the development of domestic knitting machinery technology and driving the overall progress of the industry.