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The party branch of Cixing went to the Simingshan Revolutionary Base to carry out party building activities

  In order to further stimulate the vitality of grassroots party building work, on 12th December, 2018, all party members of the Party Branch of Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd went to the Simingshan Revolutionary Base to carry out party building activities. It was once one of the nineteen revolutionary bases in China and one of the seven guerrilla war zones in southern China. During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the people here defended the dignity of the Chinese nation with blood and life. The teachers of the Simingshan Party School set up their classes in the exhibition halls, villages, cemeteries, and former residences of Yangming, so that all party members can learn while visiting.

 Yuyao Liang Lane

  The Red Liang Lane Exhibition Hall arrays the historical relics, pictures and the rural revitalization development plan of the Zhedong Anti-Japanese Revolution.

 Through the explanations of the party school teachers, from the spirit from the red boat to the old district, the party members who participated in the study deeply realized that the most valuable state of mind is pragmatic action. The first of this behavior is "do it in the real world". It is not in the air, not in the virtual voice, not in the contradiction, and does not avoid the problem. It is not difficult to struggle for development in the cause for a period, but hard forever. Through study, party members believe that we must carry forward the spirit of the past revolutionary war, revolutionary enthusiasm and a kind of desperate spirit, further building a strong spiritual drive for never sloppily.

 Hengkantou Village

  Hengkantou Village is the center of the anti-Japanese base area of ​​Zhedong (Simingshan), the former site of the Zhedong District Committee of the Communist Party of China, the former site of the Zhedong Administrative Office, the old site of the "New Zhedong Newspaper", the former site of the Zhedong Bank, the old residence of Comrade Tan Qilong. One and another red relic is the pride of Hengkantou Village, witnessing the great changes of the village, which also became the blood genes of the local people and deeply engraved in their hearts.

  On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2003, Hengkantou was still an economically weak village with traffic congestion, dilapidated houses and relatively low incomes. General Secretary Xi Jinping, who has just served as secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, made a special trip to Liangnong Town and Hengkantou Village to investigate and study, and put forward the ardent expectations of building a “national revolutionary old district full of well-off model towns”.

  On 11th February, 2003, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to the party members in the village, encouraging them to speed up the development & construction of the old districts, and get rid of poverty in order to become well-off as soon as possible.

  In the past 15 years, in accordance with the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, Hengkantou Village has adjusted its industrial structure, exerted its resource advantages, and embarked on a comprehensive well-off road. It has been rated as a comprehensive well-off model village and a national civilized village in Zhejiang Province. On 10th February, 2018, all party members of Hengkantou Village wrote to General Secretary Xi Jinping, reporting on the development and changes of the village, as well as expressing their determination to play a vanguard and exemplary role of building beautiful villages. On 28th February, 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping returned a second letter to party members of the village.

  Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery

  The Revolutionary Martyrs Monument is located in the Lion Rock, 102 meters high. It was the main battlefield of the defeated enemy puppet army when the New Fourth Army's Zhejiang East guerrillas advanced into Liangnong in 1943. After the victory of the revolution, in order to commemorate more than 800 revolutionary martyrs who died in the battle, they planted 60 acres in the Lion Rock. In November 1973, the Siming Mountain Martyrs Cemetery and the Revolutionary Martyrs Monument were built. The monument is built on the top of the mountain. The height of the monument is 18.5 meters. The platform under the monument is 3,600 square meters. There is a rest corridor behind the monument. There are steps up and down in front of the monument with 219 levels in total fifth floors. Looking up, the monument is towering over clouds, which is extremely spectacular.

  All the party members looked solemn and arranged in three columns to pick up the ranks, bowing three times to remember the martyrs. Two representatives of the party members presented wreaths to the Martyrs Monument. In addition, all party members revisited the party vows before the monument and firmly believed in joining the party.

  Former residence of Wang Yangming

  The former residence of Wang Yangming is located on the west side of Wushengmen, north of Longquan Mountain in Yuyao City and north of Yangming West Road, namely Yuyao Shoushan Lane. The main building of Wang Yangming's former residence - Ruiyun Building is a two-story wooden structure building with heavy hard mountains and five rooms, where Wang Yangming spent his childhood. The main building is equipped with Wang Yangming's historical sites. The exhibition displays rich and vivid pictures and objects, and shows Mr. Wang Yangming's life as a “first-class figure in Ming dynasty” and “a great achievement in his whole life with the merits, virtues and slogans”.

  Wang Yangming's high-level generalization and concise summary of the four sentences, that is, "there is no good and no nausea, there are good and malicious movements, knowing good and knowing evil is a conscience, and being good for evil is a thing."

  Never forget the initial heart, and forge ahead

  Through this red tour, everyone expressed to learn a lot, and deeply understood the spiritual essence and rich connotation of the important reply of General Secretary Xi. And at the same time, according to General Secretary Xi’s address: Party members and leading cadres should be good at applying the acquired skills to practice. In the work, we will work hard to achieve unity and seek knowledge. In your own position, give full play to the role of the battle fortress and the vanguard model role, never forget the initial heart and forge ahead.