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"Machine substitution" speeds up Cixing and other Ningbo enterprises to seize business opportunities

The Industrial Investment Strategy of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) and several research institutes believes that the past year has been the first year of Chinese industrial robots, and market demand has begun to grow explosively. In fact, with the acceleration of machine substitution projects, many Ningbo enterprises have frequently exerted their strength in the industrial robot industry.

Grab robot business opportunities

Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd independently developed a fully automatic sewing system with robots, which attracted great attention in the market. Many customers took the initiative to know the working conditions of the products at Cixing headquarters. This product was also debuted at the China International Textile Industry Exhibition in June this year.

It is reported that the fully automatic sewing system equipped with robot not only greatly reduces the problem of big eye strength and high labor cost for traditional sweater stitching, but also improves work efficiency several times and solves the problem of knitting sweater enterprises for many years. As the world's largest supplier of computerized flat knitting machines, Cixing has been welcomed a lot of sweater enterprises.

In fact, with the acceleration of machine substitution projects, many companies in Ningbo have started to take steps in robot field.