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Cixing layout "Industry 4.0"

SMS: Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd, the global leader in the intelligent knitting machinery industry, relies on technological innovation and comprehensively deploys “Industry 4.0”, opening up new growth space for the transformation and upgrading of downstream enterprises.

At present, the industrial robot system integration of Ningbo Cixing Robot Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Cixing Co., Ltd, has cooperated with KUKA of Germany, Kawasaki Robot of Japan, and Eft of Anhui Province to develop industrial robot related industries and projects to help downstream enterprises develop. In addition, the company also successfully acquired a capital increase holding a 68% stake in Suzhou Dingna, layout machine vision field, will immediately start the machine vision controller project, the launch of the project will bring positive effects on the development of robot-related business.

In addition, Cixing's “Industry 4.0” sweater customization system will make full use of the company's technical resources and industry integration advantages to create a personalized customized platform which can support sweaters and market-related services in the C2M (customer-to-manufacturer) model to broad the development space of the industry.