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“Cixing”brand GE88 computerized seamless underwear knitting machine provides two 16-segment selection actuators for each feed. With natural fiber, synthetic fiber, artificial fiber, bare urethane elastic fiber and wrap yarn, this machine can be used to produce seamless single-side clothes, such as underwear, outwear, swimwear, sportswear and medical-swear. If required, it can be also used to produce towel products or add towel weave on products.

Product specification

  GE88 GE90
Controller Supporting servo motor as main motor under position control mode, supporting SMART64 intelligent input serial interface of BTSR for detailed information obtaining,CAN interface reserved for connection with peripheral equipment;supporting 26-route alarming input signals 
Programming By "Cixing"professional charting software,the program can be modified directly on software of machine screen board
Machine monitor

10.4" colors screen(800x600)with language of Chinese and English interface

Diameter From 12" to 17"
Gauge From 16G to 32G
Feed 8 feeds for any diameter
Machine speed 13" machine max.100 RPM(depending on production conditions,diameters and actual speed)
Weight  Approximate 800kgs
Selection actuator Each feed equipped with 2 actuactors, of Class 16,enabling 3-service positions for needle selection
Yarn fingers Multi-color jacquard for every 7 main yarn feeders, 2 of which are yarn yarn feeders 7 main yarn feeders per channel, 2 yarn yarn feeders, plus 2 float-free yarn feeders for multi-color jacquard
Binders for bare convered elastic yarn 8 feeds,each feed has 2 yarn binders
Huff needle and yarn scissors The lifting and lowering of the Huff plate is controlled by a pneumatic system. When the jacquard structure or the double waist tissue is knitted, the height of the scissors disc can be automatically adjusted according to the process requirements.
Pull system Suction with independent or centralized exhauster system to realize the automatic pulling force of fabric,the mathince comes with a torsional device to improve the flat surface evenness of fabric
Stitch density control A stepping motor for the stitch density control of each feed,alloing quick loosing or tightening on coil size and 3D function
Yarn sensor 1 optical serial sensor per yarn finger,each feed has 6 optical sensors
Creel stand The creel stand behind of machine,set up yarn by pneumatic control
Lubrication Automatic and independent lubrication for needles,jacks and sinkers and lubrication for cycle use
Plaiting pattern function Having special clear effect of plating pattern function
Trying technology Using yarn gripper and cutte for the knitting of single or many rubber lined double layer waistband fabric
Terry unit With terry kit it is possible to have terry insertions produced in any parts of seamless articles
Ups device Supporting working site protection under sunder grid power down.Automatic detection of grid voltage,automatic stop and shudown of power
Transmission This machine adopts cylindrical gears with hard surfaces to transmit,which makes the device knit by automatic double-lay sections.The after procedure could be saved obviously in this way.

Detail display

Infrared-ray sensor
Yarn storage

Test the status of yarn and automatic participate all the infrared-ray sensor to encore automatically, which have resist the interference function and can adjust the sensitivity, also suitability for any environment.


It adopts 16-segment piezoelectric ceramic actuator and has three-position needle selection function. The structure is simple and reliable, low energy consumption, less heat generation and fast response.


The yarn can be fed at a constant tension without twisting the yarn. The yarn storage automatically detects and stops the alarm when the yarn feeder is broken at the front end parts. The yarn storage function ensures the continuous yarn of the fabric being woven during the from yarn breakage to machine stop process.

Elastic Yarn Conduction

Regardless of the speed of weaving, the density of the fabric, according to the preparation requirements, through the group control to ensure that the yarn is always fed at a constant tension in a certain weaving part and the yarn tension can be automatically adjusted, according to the corresponding tension required by the fabric. Yarn, thus ensuring the elasticity requirements of each part of the fabric




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