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SF3-36S/SF3-52S SF2-72S/SF3-72S
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  Single carriage with double systems/triple systems, this model uses Hengqiang A8 integrated machine system, the system is based on the Cortex-A8 core of ARM, the main frequency is improved to 600MHz, the memory is increased to 256M(the memory could be added according to your needs), showing new smooth feeling. About hardware, the temperature detection, multi-path power failure detection, and short circuit protection are added. And the improvement has been made in anti-static electricity, the pin failure rate has been greatly decreased.

  This is high speed and high efficiency machine type, and the maximum speed reaches to 1.6m/s. The hardware is equipped with a motor connecting rod. Compared with the magnet-seat type connecting rod, the large rod wear is eliminated, the single-port intermediate rotation can be realized, the rotation distance is shortened, the reversing control position is more accurate, and the ultra-small head design can be improved efficiency by about 20%. The machine realizes multi-segments stitch knitting in the same line with the equipment of density motor with dynamic stitch function. Equipped with a tight tuck motor, it realizes the tight tuck adjustment function and meets the tight tuck elastic density of the vamp, as well as enhances the three-dimensional feeling of the vamp.





36 inches/52 inches/72 inches/80 inches

Knitting system

Single carriage with double systems/triple systems

Machine speed

The maximum speed is 1.6m/s,32 section adjustable


Motor drive, the maximum racking within 2 inches

Needle actuator

8 section electronic needle actuator


Driven by stepping motor, latest cross-sinker system design, which can meet the various partial knitting of vamp

Loop density

Controlled by 32 section electricity, density adjustment driven by stepping motor, the adjustable range:0-650


Turnover could be in front and back at the same time, not affected by the direction of the carriage

Roller device

High-order Rollar,32 section automatic control, subsection adjustable

Motor connecting rod

Driven by motor connecting rod, improvement of the efficiency

紧吊目  Tight tuck


Tight tuck cam controlled by motor, achieve different tightness of the tight tuck, the adjustable range:0-90

Yarn forward device

Yarn feeder and yarn storage device(optional),accurate control of yarn tension, to ensure the quality of the overall quality of the fabric

Yarn feeder

2*8 yarn carriers are arranged on the left and right sides of the 4 double side guide rails.

Transmission system

Belt drive, AC servo motor control.

Data input

Input and output patterns via USB, PC and Internet

Protection system


Automatic stopping device if yarn broken, yarn knot, batching, striking, completion, overload, designated starting and stopping, program error     

Safety device

The whole machine cover to reduce noise and dust, the protecting cover is equipped with stopping sensor, emergency stopping and power off device

Control system

1 Hengqiang system

2. The screen adopts LCD touch screen display, graphical interface, can store a large number of pattern files, and can be called at any time according to production needs.

3. Through the screen checking page, you can view the working status and actual position of the cam; and adjust it at any time while the machine is running, which is most convenient for operation.

4. The control system (software part) and the pattern-making system are easily upgraded and are free of charge.

5. Multi-language version switching (Chinese, English, Russian, etc.)

Size and weight of machine


Net weight: about 950 KG/1145 KG/1250 KG/1280 KG

Power device

Voltage: AC 220X380V, Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ, Power:1.5KW


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