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This model is a triple intarsia type machine with open carriage design, direct yarn feeding, yarn feeder automatic motor control and yarn feeder arc design. There are total 24 yarn feeders (including 8 “pop-up” yarn feeders as standard), which can improve the knitting efficiency of some special fabrics.

This model is a brand-new control system, which can automatically arrange the pattern of 24 yarn feeders, and can automatically adjust the yarn feeder woven stopping position, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of yarn feeder overlapping; at the same time, the system can realize multiple yarns merge weaving in the same line. This function makes it easy to complete the knitting of complex patterns such as intarsia and complete garment knitting, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

The new control system can establish a network connection between each machine under the premise of sharing a server; with this function, we can adjust the working parameters of the working pattern in the computer; transfer and share the patterns, and check data reports for production control of each machine.

Product specification

Gauge 7/12/14G
Needles/Knitting width 728N/52Inches
Knitting speed Max speed 1.2m/s;255 section programmable speed
Shaker Motor driven;max 2 inches;racking at 1/2 and 1/4 needle in any position
Knitting system Triple systems with open carriage
Transfer Both front and back,not affecting by the carriage direction,sepepately knitting
Sinker system The stepping motor can adjust the active sinker,and can be adjusted according to different fabrics to achieve a pluarity of collecting and putting effects.
Needle actuator 8 section of electronic needle selector
Scissors and clips There are a set of scissors and clips on each side of the needle bed, and 24 sets of yarn feeders each with a separate set of scissors and clips.
Comb device Comb device complement with scissors/lips device, and this device adopts releasing principle, in order to effectively realize yarn hanging and sloughing function
Roller device Comb and roller devices,255 section automic control, subdivision adjustment
Conveyor yarn device Yarn direct feeding to reduce resistance of yarn materials
Yarn feeder Stardard equipped with 24 yarn feeders( 8 of them with "pop-up" function
Protection device Automatic stopping,device if yarn broken,yarn knot,batching,striking,completion,overload,designated starting and stopping,program error happen.
Driving system Belt drive,AC servo motor control
Safety device The protecting cover is equipped with stopping sensor,emergency stopping,power off device,the whole machine cover to reduce noise and dust.
Date imput Input data via U disk and computer connection. Networking and remote control technology by sharing a server, we can establish a network connection between multiple machines. With this function, we can adjust the working parameters of the working patterns in the computer; transfer and share the patterns. ; and check the data report of the production control of each machine.
Size and weight L*W*H:3560x1390x2010 mm; Net weight: 1458 kg
Power supply system Voltage: AC 220V/380V;Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ;Power:2.0KW

Detail display

Yarn Feeder
Arc Yarn Feeder
Independent Scissors and Clips

Yarn feeder use motor synchronous belt transmission, can work individually separated with carriage, to improve operation efficiency and produce diversity patterns of fabric.


Yarn feeder design with arch shape, “Pop-up” function is optional, which will improve the efficiency and quality of the knitting fabric in a small area.


Independent scissors and clips, each yarn feeder correspond independent scissor and clip, in order to control yarn feeder in and out easily.

Open Carriage

Open carriage design, the yarn can be fed directly, and in a result to reduce yarn feeding resistance.



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