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The second generation of Steiger computerized flat knitting machine is efficient and stable. The machine has the function of bidirectional narrowing, enforced knocking over, bilateral stitch, automatic plus-minus of needle, multi needle gauge, and the successive knitting of front and back weaving products, which are pioneering and unique in the industry. The max speed reaches to 1.7m/s, renovating the efficiency of new computerized flat knitting machine.

The machine adopts CPU dual-core processor. Optimize the system and make the operation of knitting become easier, timesaving, as well as display the potential of updating hardware at maximum. The system memory can be extended unlimitedly, and can input plenty of patterns and according to the requirement of producing to invoke. Optimize the program system then only need one layer picture to display the intarsia, jacquard and partial jacquard. For the full needle shape, it has the exclusive narrowing sign, which is the same operation with single pattern, without needing to make small picture. All these contribute to optimize the processing for pattern-making personnel and enhance the production efficiency.

Product specification

Gauge 3G、5G、7G、8G、9G、10G、12G、14G、16G、5/7G、7-14G
Needles/Knittig width 728N/52Inches
Knitting system Single carriage with double systems
Machine system Steiger system
Knitting speed Max speed 1.7m/s;24 section programmable speed
Stitch density 36 segments of electronic control,the use of subdivision technology,adjustable range:0-650,more accurate control of the length of fabric
Racking Motor driven;max 2 inches
Transfer Both front and back,not affecting by the carriage direction,sepepately knitting
Sinker system The stepping motor can adjust the active sinker,and can be adjusted according to different fabrics to achieve a pluarity of collecting and putting effects.
Needle actuator 8 section of electronic needle selector
Comb device Comb device complement with scissors/lips device, and this device adopts releasing principle, in order to effectively realize yarn hanging and sloughing function
Roller device Main roller,comb device,128 section automic control, subdivision adjustmen
Conveyor yarn device Roller feeding device ensures timely yarn delivery
Double yarn knot antenna The maximum yarn knot stops, and the small yarn knot runs at the lowest speed for 4 lines.
Blowing device The left side scissors machine and the falling cropping increase the blowing function, effectively reducing the false alarm stop phenomenon caused by the yarn.
Color changing device
The 2*8 yarn feeder group is arranged on the left and the right sides of the 4 double side guide rails.After modifying the yarn feeder stopping point, the system reprograms the pattern and checks the yarn feeder condition. In a result to prevent the yarn feeder from being stopped incorrectly,which might cause the products falling and yarn  feeders overloapping.
Protection device Automatic stopping,device if yarn broken,yarn knot,batching,striking,completion,overload,designated starting and stopping,program error happen.
Driving system Belt drive,AC servo motor control
Safety device The protecting cover is equipped with stopping sensor,emergency stopping,power off device,the whole machine cover to reduce noise and dust.
Date imput Through the U disk,computer connection for direct imput of data.
Fueling device The fuel tank at the base of the needle bed refuels the carriage when the carriage is passing.
Size and weight L*W*H:2970x940x2010 mm; Net weight: 1145 kg
Power supply system Voltage: AC 220V/380V;Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ;Power:2.0KW

Detail display

Bidirectional narrowing
Enforced knocking over

Bilateral stitch

In allusion to the transfer and some difficult fabric, this function can reduce the knitted lines. The racking is able to work simultaneously and can achieve bidirectional narrowing when the carriage operating. Just one rotation can achieve transfer, compared with a normal model that requires two revolutions to complete the needle-transferring movement, the efficiency is increased by more than 90%.

It is easy to encase the first needle for the basic single or double jersey plain fabric. This is a global problem, but this function can solve this problem. Just start the next button in the system only, and ensure that the fabric does not have this problem.

The bilateral stitch of fabric can be adjusted to control the length, only need change some values. It does improve the stability and consistency of production.

Successive knitting
Four Yarn Feeders
Intelligent Program

The front and back garment pieces of the fabric are continuously woven, and the number of single or woven fabrics can be set separately to continuously produce the required pieces.


Use the four yarn feeders and two yarn feeders on each side of fabric when knitting the waste cotton. One needle knit then three needle over. Compare to the ordinary type, the line and quantity of waste cotton reduce more than 90%.


Only need one layer picture to display the intarsia, jacquard and partial jacquard. Any one picture can complete the program. No need two-layer or three-layer pictures.


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