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GE2-45C/52C/56C GE2-60S|GE3-45C/52C/56C
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This type is single carriage with double systems/triple systems. This model is equipped with comb device, scissor and clip device. The comb device is adopted with active release principle, with which the closed compound needle can effectively realize hang yarn and sloughing function. These two devices supplement each other, and coordinate operating. In this way, the yarn waste is reduced, and the production efficiency is improved.

The hardware is equipped with a motor connecting rod. Compared with the magnet-seat type connecting rod, the large rod wear is eliminated, the single-port intermediate rotation can be realized, the rotation distance is shortened, the swing control position is more accurate, and the ultra-small head design can be improved efficiency by about 20%. The machine realizes multi-segments stitch knitting in the same line with the equipment of stitch motor with dynamic stitch function.

These series uses digital technology to achieve the patterns of weaving, pointel, tuck, tight tuck, apparent shape, hidden shape, intarsia, floatless intarsia and other irregular structure patterns.

Product specification

  GE2-45C/52C/56C GE3-45C/52C/56C GE2-60S
Gauge 5G、6G、7G、8G、9G、10G、12G、14G、15G、16G、18G、5/7G 3.5G、4G
Knittig width 45、52inches 60inches
Knitting system Single carriage with double systems Single carriage with triple systems Single carriage with double systems
Shifting Using AC servo motor control,the shift range of up to 2 inches,with a precise adjustment function Using AC servo motor control, the shift range of up to 4 inches,with an accurate adjustment function
Sinker system The stepping motor can adjust the movable settling plate,and can be adjusted according to different fabrics to achieve a pluarity of collecting and putting effects.
Knitting speed 24 section,the maximum speed of 1.6m/s.controlled by AC servo motor,servo motor using digital signal processor,with high speed precision feedback control and opreration ability(DSP),IGBT control to generate accurate output curre
Weaving function Transfer,tuck,pointel,intarsia,jacquard,apparent shape,hidden shape and other regular pattern knitting functions
Read pin signal Advanced encoder reader
Rib transfer Triangle composite design,single synergy,knit,pointel,fabric,achieve efficient production
Stitch density Controlled by stepping motor,36 segment density selection,using subdivision technology,asjustable range:0-730,more accurate control of the length of the fabric
Comb device( C series) Using closed U shape compound needle,this special compound needle contains activated releasing principle to effectively realize yarn hanging and sloughing.
Scissors and Clips                 ( C series) Including 2 scissors,4 clips,by the six motor control,the program instructions can be carried out simultaneously or seperately,improve work efficiency,reduce yarn waste
Batching system Program instructions,stepping motor control,24 segment tension selection,adjustable range:0-100
Color changing system The 2*8 yarn feeder group is arranged on the left and the right sides of the 4 double side guide rails,can swith the position of the tip of the yarn in warp.
Probe alarm system Probe alam
Motor connecting rod The connecting rod is driven by the machinery electron motor, in a result to achieve more accurate direction changing
Network function High speed Ethernet(ETHERNET) network can accommodate up to 254 flat knitting machine,weaving data can be uploaded,downloaded and shared.
Power supply system Single phase 220V/three-phase 380V,using advanced CMOS technology,has the memory and the recovery function in the power cut moment
Language choice Multi language version:support Chinese,English,Arabia and other languages,but also according to customer needs to add the required language
Machine size(mm) L:2810 L:2970 L:3070 L:2910 L:3070 L:3170 L:3050
W:934 W:934 W:934 W:940 W:940 W:940 W:1050
H:2010 H:2010 H:2010 H:2010 H:2010 H:2010 H:2070
Weight 1040kg 1130kg 1333kg 1155kg 1200kg 1500kg 1255kg

Detail display

Motor Connecting Rod
Sinker System

Scissors and Clips

The connecting rod is driven by the machinery electron motor, in a result to achieve more accurate direction changing

Flat knitting machine for knitting needle movement in the rise and fall with the regularity of the moment, to achieve the stitch transfer, stitch press off ,stitch knit ,stitch tuck such as knitting effects ,need to help latch needle from sinker to complete ,also improve the capacity of weaving. Sinker control system makes the sinker adjustable, and can control or adjust according to knitting situation. The function of sinker and presser foot is very similar, but more reliable and practical than the presser foot.


When woven products,scissors and clips work with each other,yarn connected with the fabric and yarn of temporarily unused will be cut. This can avoid the waste yarn and product damage or because of too long thread,possible existence of yarn winding and so hazards. Wasted time of hand-cut yarn will be save and increase efficiency,and easier to production management.

Display Screen
Yarn Storage
Dynamic Stitch

It adopts industry LCD displayer with graphic touch control, multi-color, all time monitoring function. The data of knitting amount, time, speed, roller, stitch, yarn feeder, etc, is clearly shown and can be adjusted in the process. It is most convenient and efficient way to amend the data.


Yarn Storage could reduce resistance of the conveyor yarn, and it is especially suitable for fabric with low elasticity and brittleness such as cashmere yarn, rabbit hair yarn, making the fabric even and smooth, as well as improving knitting efficiency.


With dynamic stitch function, using high speed stepping motor, multi-stitch function can be achieved in one line.


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